July 10, 2020 Jeremy

Tips for How to Declutter Your Wallet

Wallets are practical, everyday use items that help people everywhere. They carry money in a convenient and secure location. Still, like anything else, a wallet can become cluttered with unneTips for How to Declutter Your Walletcessary junk. Here are some tips for how to declutter your wallet if this happens to you.

Prioritize Essentials Over Non-Essentials

The first step to wallet decluttering is prioritizing the essential items from non-essentials. Too many items can overcrowd your already limited carrying space. Receipts, ticket stubs, random business cards, empty gift cards, and more all take up space you could use for cash or cards. Use this time and prioritize the items you can toss versus the items you should keep. Like cleaning a room, cleaning out your wallet gives more card-carrying room and can loosen pressure off your back or front pocket.

Go Cashless

Alternatively, go cashless. Simply put, the less cash you carry, the less you have to worry about. Small bills take up space. Convert stacks of smaller bills into fewer larger ones for extra carrying space. Otherwise, carry no cash at all. Use your wallet primarily for bank cards, like credit or debit cards. A debit card transfers money stored in your bank account directly, eliminating the need to withdraw bills.

For the technologically savvy, use your smartphone as a mobile wallet. These devices have become exceptionally transparent as digital wallets, with some even cutting the need for physical bank cards. You can store your card information directly on your smartphone for immediate payment transactions. If you’re uncomfortable with this, use your smartphone for apps of businesses to reduce the need for receipts and loyalty rewards. These can be sent directly to your smartphone rather than a physical copy, saving you crucial wallet space.

Use a Minimalist Wallet

Of course, one tip for how to declutter your wallet is to use a minimalist wallet. These are purposefully designed to carry fewer items, forcing you to prioritize bringing only the necessities. It removes unnecessary bills, cards, receipts, or other bulky clutter. Even the wallet design affects its shape. Bifolds and trifolds—two of the most common wallets today—are inherently bulky. Minimalist wallets, on the other hand, simply store your bank cards without needing to fold over.Tips for How to Declutter Your Wallet

For the best minimalist wallet on the market today, check out the Fantom Wallet. We designed this wallet as the ideal men’s aluminum wallet for everyday carrying and use. The practically designed slim finish allows for simple card-carrying capability that’s easily accessible and pocket-sized. Not to mention, these wallets are RFID-blocking, which eliminates the risk of hands-free theft. Check out our custom Fantom Wallet creator to design the perfect wallet for your lifestyle.

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