August 11, 2020 Jeremy

Things You Should Never Keep in Your Wallet

There are certain items every man should always carry on him: his cellphone, keys, and—most importantly—wallet. In his wallet, one can find some sort of ID, credit or debit card, business card, cash, receipts, and maybe a couple of gift cards. Even with all that, there are some things you should never carry in your wallet. Read on to learn why you shouldn’t carry these items for your safety and protection from thieves.

Social Security Card

The most important item you should never leave in your wallet is your social security card. While you need it for certain occasions, like filling out paperwork, keep your SSN away from your wallet. The only identification you should carry is your driver’s license or state-issued ID card. If they get their hands on your SSN, criminals can use it to access bank accounts, apply for loans, and use money that doesn’t belong to them. Avoid these risks by keeping your Social Security Card at home in a safe, undisclosed location.


Similarly, never keep spare house or car keys in your wallet, either. Spare keys are great for emergencies, like locking yourself out of your home or vehicle, but your wallet is the last place you should keep them. Otherwise, if a thief steals your wallet, they’ll have access to your home or vehicle. Burglars can simply find your address on your identification card, and before you can even call a locksmith, they’ll have their hands on your property.

Password List

Passwords are essential in today’s digital age. Everyone writes down their password list at some point, given how many there are to account for: PINs, email, social media, bank information, laptop, computer, etc. Despite all the passwords you must remember, never keep the list in your wallet. For reasons already stated, keeping sensitive information in your wallet is extremely risky. Although a cheat sheet comes in handy, consider noting all passwords in a digital space via the note’s software on a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Your phone and tablet are handheld and personal, and even if they fall into the wrong hands, you’ve likely set a password to access them, as well.

Blank Checks

A blank check has a lot of power. Because it lists personal information—like your name, address, bank account number, and so on—it can create a trail for criminals. Those with access to your bank information can fill out blank checks and steal your money without you realizing it. As with the other items on this list, it’s best to leave your checkbook tucked away in a drawer or nightstand where it’s secure.

Lots of Cash and Gift Cards

Finally, one last thing you should never keep in your wallet is excessive cash and gift cards. Obviously, if someone were to steal your wallet, they can take all the money out of it. Piling gift cards and cash in your wallet may make it look bulky, which could attract thieves and pickpockets. While a bank may pay back lost credit or account funds, cash and gift cards are virtually traceless, meaning that, once that money is gone, it’s gone for good.

With that said, make the smart choice and use a minimalist wallet to store only your most necessary bank and identification cards. Our Fantom Wallets are designed just for this purpose, featuring RFID-blocking technology and a beautiful, tough aluminum frame. Consider adding a titanium money clip if you absolutely must carry bills with you. Even still, you’ll have your money tucked safely away without losing it.

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